As you create your home remodeling wish list, you might not think to include your bedroom. The more visible places in the home, like the kitchen and bathroom, often reign supreme when it comes to interior projects. So, it’s easy for the bedroom to become cluttered and outdated.

By making your bedroom a design priority this year, you can create a room that is truly stylish and functional. These tips will help you plan the project and get the most out of your new space.

DO Create An Intentional Design

As with any home remodeling project, transforming your bedroom starts with a clear plan. You need to know exactly what you’ll be changing and why. Having a clear reason for every part of the remodel will make space fit your lifestyle. For example, painting the walls white will make a small master bedroom look larger. Switching the flooring to light hardwood will give the space a more airy feel. Removing your closet doors will make open storage a stylish part of the room’s design. Always consider how you want the room to feel and what changes you can make to achieve it.

DON’T Rely On Trends

As you browse online for inspiration, you’ll likely read articles about the latest home designs. While it’s always helpful to take ideas from these trendy websites, try to avoid a trend-heavy design in general.

Remember that you might get tired of your trendy headboard over time, but a timeless wood piece will suit your taste for decades. As a rule, keep the main components classic while incorporating trend pieces that are easy to switch out. For example, stick with a basic flooring color and use the bedding to express your personality.

DO Splurge On The Suite

If you’re looking to make a major change in your master bedroom, consider knocking down some walls and creating a master suite. A suite will give you a luxurious space in your home that is all yours. There are several ways you can achieve this. You can take space from another bedroom or the hallway to add an additional bathroom.

DON’T Be Afraid To Customize

Your bedroom should fit your taste and lifestyle, and custom furniture can make the space function perfectly. A custom wardrobe, for example, is a practical addition to any bedroom. This piece can include the exact number of drawers, shelves, and hanging rods that you need. If you share a wardrobe with a partner, it can feature a variety of components to suit both of you. You might also consider customizing a full bedroom set, a bed, or a builtin shelving unit. Overall, a custom piece will not only look timeless and unique, but it will also add ease to your life.

You can also introduce a modern flavor to your space by incorporating new technology. If you want your crash pad to be a spot to kick back and relax, you don’t have to go bankrupt in the process. Sites like The Store offer like-new technology for a fraction of the price.

You can explore the equipment you’ve always drooled over, or try something new. Get a device that will stream your favorite tunes and television shows, or just let you surf the net. Sweet technology can add something special to a master room that feels bland.

DO Switch Up The Lighting

Lighting sets the mood of any room, so be sure to include lighting fixtures into your bedroom design. While natural light might be sufficient during the day, remember that you spend most of your time in your bedroom at night. So, consider how you want the room to feel in the evening. You might add warmth with a variety of vintage floor lamps. If you prefer an industrial design, a bold and metallic ceiling light fixture can pull the room’s look together.

Thoughtful design can help a room reflect your personality and add ease to your life. Whether you’re unwinding at the end of the day or rushing to get ready in the morning, it will all feel smoother in your newly renovated master bedroom.