Comfort and luxury are two priorities for many homeowners. Several ways exist to apply these concepts all through your home, especially your bathrooms. Your bathroom can afford you the space to get your act together before the day and also serve as a great place to unwind after a long day. That means your bathroom has to stay fresh all year round, and upgrading its appeal can never be a miss. Here are a few ideas to achieve a rustic feel in your bathroom.

Use exposed brick on the walls.


Exposed burnt bricks are aesthetically pleasing to look at. The coarse texture can also make it exciting to run your hands through during your bathtub sessions. Theming your bathroom’s interior design around exposed brick designs can be a great option.

But you need experienced professionals to install and remodel your bathroom according to your unique preferences. You can do a background check on multiple business profiles to ensure you choose the right remodeling companies for the job. Professional companies like Zintex remodeling, with their credible experience and inclusive approach, can help you every step of the way.

Use rustic wooden features.

Everyone fancies a quiet getaway in a log home tucked away from all the urban noise. Luckily, finding one can be as easy as searching cabins for sale on Google. But you can apply a similar concept in your home by using rustic old wood as a feature. You can expose the beams, leaving them open to fresh air.

Combining your cabinets’ design with rustic features can also be a great option. That way, you can have all your surfaces blending in perfectly, giving you a vintage feel. Alternatively, you can add natural wood panels to your walls for a rustic charm.

Invest in farm storage solutions.

How and where you store your bathroom essentials can improve or mar its aesthetic look. Storage boxes and other containers can be a great way to store accessories like extra towels and essentials, especially if you want to keep clutter out of your bathroom.

These storage boxes can also be a place to look for your rustic remodeling. And you can take inspiration from the traditional farmhouse storage style by using boxy wooden crates for your bathroom essentials. Glass Masson jars can also be a great idea for smaller items. You can take things an extra mile by pushing an old ladder into your bathroom to serve as a rack for your towels. That’ll be an easy reach, and keep your towel dry after use.

Add a few plants.


Plants can never go out of style whether you’re staying urban or going rustic. Incorporating real plants into your rustic plans can play the part giving it a very strong connection to the outdoors. You can choose worn or faded earthly colors for your flower pots to blend in seamlessly with your rustic theme. Plants can give you more than just a rural look. They make your bathroom bright and naturally filter indoor air. For this reason, it’s essential to choose plants best suited for humid environments.

Use the right bathroom lighting.

Have you thought of how your rustic bathroom will look at night yet? It’s time to think about lighting. And the best option to give you a cool and soft glow is a warm bulb. Sometimes, harsh lights can be a nuisance when you casually want to dull the night away lounging in a cozy bathtub. To make it less artificial, you can throw in some natural decor around your light frames and sockets.

All in all, these tips can help you create the rustic powder room of your dreams.