First impressions matter when it comes to shopping for a house. Think of a house like a book – the cover is what catches attention and the interior tells the story. To catch attention, a house needs to have curb appeal to enhance its value. Adding curb appeal doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. To keep your home exterior looking good, here is everything you need to know about curb appeal. 

Start with a Fresh Face

Houses get dirty and like a car need to be washed. Power wash a house’s exterior to clean off years of dirt and grime from the siding, porch, walkway, and driveway. It’s easy to rent a power washer from a local hardware store. 

Pay attention to the gutters, as they are magnets for debris. Clean gutters inside and out to make sure they function like new with no obstructions. Next, take a look at the lawn and give it some attention. Regularly mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and pulling weeds keep lawn care manageable. 

Sometimes keeping up with routine lawn care is easier said than done. A&A Lawn Care provides local lawn care in New Braunfels at affordable rates. They provide a full range of lawn maintenance services, from lawn care and maintenance to tree trimming. The professional team at A&A Lawn Care takes pride in the outside aesthetic of a home and go out of their way to deliver the exact needs and expectations of every customer. 

Make sure the house has a clear and well-defined pathway leading up to the front door. Consider adding some potted plants along the path and make sure that the front entrance is clean and inviting.  

Add a Few Cosmetic Upgrades 

Making the front door pop is a great way to add curb appeal. All it costs to make a front door stand out is a can of paint, a brush, and an afternoon. Bold, bright colors can make an impressive statement so long as the color enhances and accentuates the existing exterior color palette. 

Updating hardware is a quick way to give a new look to the front door. Go for a color that contrasts with the door color to make the hardware noticeable. Pair a new door handle with a fun door knocker. Don’t forget about upgrading the house numbers. Replace old house numbers with a modern and catchy font that agrees with the house’s architecture. 

Fix Things Up 

The smallest of flaws can be noticeable among a well-dressed exterior. Take the time to walk around the outside of the house and make a note of any needed fixes, like ripped screens, burned-out lightbulbs, or chipped paint. 

Bulky electrical fixtures are not appealing to look at, especially not when they are positioned on the front of the house. Use the same paint color of the house’s siding to help electrical fixtures blend in. If a house features residential solar panels, take the time to ensure they are properly functioning and intact. The experts at Vision Solar works with clients throughout the entire solar process, from design and architecture to installation and activation. 

Set the Stage 

Symmetry is key in creating curb appeal. It’s pleasing on the eye and simple to create. Use symmetrical light fixtures and front-door accents to create a welcoming entranceway. Dress up the front door with a non-seasonal wreath made from dried greens and florals or faux plants. 

Be smart with the staging of outdoor furniture. Too many pieces create clutter but too few pieces look out of place. Make sure that any outdoor furniture is clean and in good condition. A simple small table and matching stools can give a lawn or porch a charming touch.