It’s 2021, and the world is in constant evolution. Our lives have changed significantly since a couple of years back, and our jobs have evolved into office spaces and Zoom calls. Likewise, the workforce has generated new skills that are highly sought out by top companies all over the world. It’s important that, if we want to progress in our careers, we continue evolving with the world around us.

For anyone looking for a job or career change, here are some of the most high-demand skills in today’s workforce.

Sales Leadership


As everyone is well aware, money makes the world go ‘round. Sales are the essence of businesses nowadays. If your business plan doesn’t include selling a product or service, it will most likely flop or be considered charity. However, sales leadership skills are useful to optimize an organization’s revenue and assemble training programs in industries like retail, banking, and real estate.

Real estate coaching can help real estate agents gain the confidence and strategies they need to increase their lead generation and referrals. Additionally, it can help them aspire to higher goals and become top realtors. One of the most popular real estate coaches of our era is Ryan Serhant. He’s a real estate broker, actor, and author of Sell It Like Serhant and Big Money Energy.


Networking skills (in technological terms) are increasingly popular skills used in today’s workforce. Network engineers are in charge of establishing and maintaining large-area network (LAN)/wide-area network (WAN) connections as well as routers and firewalls. Additionally, anyone with the proper education and certificates can become a computer network engineer. They can earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science or certifications from institutions like Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA.



As our societies become more globalized, translators are being hired at higher rates than ever before. Translation helps connects countries as well as establish partnerships between businesses. Additionally, as more jobs are outsourced, translating has become second nature in many companies. Translators can work in any field as freelancers as well as full-time employees.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As digital marketing continues to sweep the internet, more SEO experts are being hired. SEO experts provide businesses with the right wording and formatting for their websites in order to reach a wider audience and increase returns. Subsequently, they help businesses increase their visibility as well as their lead generation.

Video Production


Entertainment is almost an essential part of our everyday lives. With applications like YouTube and TikTok, more companies have opted to invest in content creation and video production. This includes making instructional videos, marketing content, vlogs, and comedy skits. While many companies use professional equipment for this, you can start out by using your phone’s camera and microphone.

Mobile App Development

Thanks to our smartphones, we use mobile applications almost every single day. From social media to financing apps, our lives have come to revolve around these programs made of bits and pixels. Every industry right now is hiring mobile app developers to design and produce user-friendly apps that solve particular problems in society.



As our paper currency slowly fades away, cryptocurrency continues to show its face in various areas of the world. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were made possible thanks to blockchain technology. Blockchain is a technology that doesn’t require interference from governments or banks to manage data transactions. A blockchain architect may be hired to design nodes or maintain client and server-side applications responsible for integration.

Artificial Intelligence

Lastly, artificial intelligence is rapidly growing thanks to faster computers and technologies that allow machines to learn behaviors from information found on the internet as well as taught by humans. Artificial intelligence is the key to automation, and anyone interested in the field should have computer, programming, mathematical, and statistic skills.

These skills are helpful for anyone looking to explore career options to thrive in today’s workforce.