Finding inspiration in the business world can be tricky for those who are joining the fray for the first time. This is a club with multifaceted membership, and entry requires agile thinking and a constant commitment to self-improvement. Business is all about change and adaptability, yet for many who are new to their entrepreneurial space, these can be difficult features to incorporate into any new business model or approach.

Looking up to industry leaders in your space is a great way to learn from the pros and tack on additional skills that can translate into success and stability over the long term. Taking your lead from others who have already designed successful careers and businesses is a fantastic approach to any industry that you may be a part of today (or hope to join in the coming future). By looking into the career trajectory of other success stories, you can map your own path to the future that you hope to achieve one day. With this in mind, diving into the backgrounds and direction of these three industry leaders is a great opportunity to build your own success story.

1. In real estate, look to David Lindahl for guidance.


David Lindahl is a successful real estate investor with many years of experience under his belt. From seminars to writing, David Lindahl is an active teacher when it comes to helping others make the most of the real estate market for themselves. In the real estate trade, knowledge is everything. Taking a position that will net you a healthy profit requires speed and internalized knowledge so that you can make investments with confidence. By tracking with the career of Lindahl and other experienced real estate investors, you can build a portfolio of assets that serve your needs at all times.

Real estate is one of the best asset classes that you can bring into your investment portfolio. Yet many investors who are considering this asset class go in half-heartedly or end up backing out of the process altogether. This is because making the shift from bonds and stocks (or other digitally traded commodities, for that matter) can be a scary thing. Owning real property requires a considerable amount of additional legwork that can’t always be done from the comfort of your home, but the results speak for themselves. Real estate makes consumers wealthy.

2. Legal minds would do well to read up on Malliha Wilson.


Malliha Wilson is an attorney focusing on human rights and other similar complex litigation. She served as the assistant deputy attorney general for the Ontario Government and was the first visible minority in this position (as a proud native of Sri Lanka). Wilson serves today as managing partner at her own law firm, Nava Wilson LLP, and continues her work to advance human rights cases and issues, including land use and native population rights.

Anyone seeking a career in the law would be wise to understand the background and sheer effort that Malliha Wilson has dedicated to her craft. Legal work is complex, and it requires countless hours of study and dedication in order to rise to the top. Wilson is a shining example of how hard work can pay off in this field. Following her career trajectory is a great way to inspire your own future visions of success in the legal profession.

3. Read about business titan Suzanne Clark to find inspiration across a broad range.


Suzanne Clark recently became CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and has served as a board member on a variety of well-known businesses (including TransUnion, one of the credit giants in the United States). Clark is a dedicated professional who advocates skillfully on behalf of small businesses all around the nation. Clark offers a glimpse into the varied and full life that many business professionals lead and can provide a blueprint for anyone looking to join the entrepreneurial ranks of U.S. business.

The Chamber was instrumental in fighting for small business relief through the CARES Act that was designed to combat the coronavirus pandemic, and Clark lies at the heart of this effort, serving as the President of the Chamber before being lifted to the CEO role this past year. In any entrepreneurial endeavor, seeking to draw on the successes that Clark has experienced both in private industry and as a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a great point of departure on the way to increasing successes.

With these three professionals in mind, striking out on your own path to success in any industry can be made just a little bit easier. Following in the footsteps of those who have already been where you are can act as the perfect foundation for your rise to the top. Consider these great assets when planning your future.