There’s magic in a camera, and when you have the gift and skill of discovering all its hidden features, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. You might have taken some film studies in university, or maybe you’ve made use of endless Youtube videos to hone your craft. Either way, now you’re wondering what possible careers are in store for you.

A single look on social media will tell you that photography is an extremely broad topic, with different aspects and niches. That being said, there are so many careers you can discover to find one that perfectly suits your years of experience and creative ideas. Our sole aim in this article is to equip you with all the available options, thus saving you time to dive right in.

1. Conference & Events Photographer


As an event or a conference photographer, you’ll likely cover a broad range of niches from athletic competitions to musical concerts, or even corporate meetings. Your sole aim in each event is to capture all the essence and highlights from the gathering for your client. If you are great at this, chances are you can establish yourself as a creative entrepreneur, always having jobs coming in.

As an events photographer, you might never get a second chance at a particular shot. This means you always need to be on the move, thinking of ideas as quickly as possible. You also need to think quickly in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as a change in the weather or lighting issues amongst others. It’s a rush, but the good kind.

2. Wedding Photographer

One career that you’re certain to flourish in is wedding photography. This involves taking exceptional concept photos at ceremonies and receptions. To be a photographer in this niche, you must be a professional photographer with many creative ideas. In this role, you’ll be taking portrait shorts while documenting the various settings and groups of people you meet. You should also have excellent event photography skills as well.

Wedding photographers often don’t work in isolation. They work hand in hand with cinematographers and other camera-savvy professionals to bring every event to life. If you wish to expand, you could offer your video production services, production service, and sound design services to clients at an added cost.

3. Photo Editor


Sometimes, you love using the camera, but you’re also great at editing and adding visual effects to photos you’ve taken. Chances are, a job as a photo editor will be your best bet. Photo editors most often lead the photography team and are responsible for creating the storyboard needed for the project. They also coordinate the team for the assignment, and ultimately approve images taken.

The photo editor, after selecting photos, edits them for color correction and other purposes before they’re sent out to the client. In addition to this, many photo editors take over the administrative part of the photography business. They usually help negotiate the final video and photo fees and rights, while also ensuring permission to undertake projects at the selected location. If you love the power of the camera lens and wish to handle the business aspect of photography, this is one career to consider.

Once you have the passion and knack for it, working as a photographer can be very fulfilling. These are but a few of the varying careers one can venture into, and believe it or not, they’re great paying jobs too. As a growing photographer, your best shot is to build experience by taking up tons of projects. This also helps you find the niche you prefer with rates that fit your skill.