As a business owner, you are constantly aware of how much you are spending on everyday business expenses. When business is slow, you have to rein in your spending to ensure your business survives until it picks up again. Marketing is often a flexible expense because you can always spend less if you need to, unlike fixed costs like utilities or insurance. However, without a strong marketing strategy, your business won’t grow.

Part of the problem is that there are so many different ways to market your business. Multiple marketing and advertising companies try to convince you that they are the best option for growing your business. You may feel torn over how to get the most value out of your marketing dollars spent. One idea that many companies overlook is sending out holiday cards to customers. Many see holiday cards as outdated or an older tradition, but that makes it even more effective.

For a relatively low price, you can get business holiday cards and envelopes with your company name, company logo, and a season’s greetings or warm wishes message. The only other expense you will have is the postage. You can customize your business holiday card by choosing the font, holiday, greeting, and card design. It can be a holiday tradition that creates a lasting impression.

Here are three reasons you should send holiday cards from your business.

1. Remind your customers you are available.


Let’s say you are a dermatologist in Ames and you have customers who only come in when they are having a problem. However, people often wait until the problem is so bothersome that they can’t handle it anymore before going to the dermatologist. Sending out a holiday card is a passive way to remind your past customers that you are ready and available to help them with their wrinkles or smile lines. When your customer gets their card, they immediately think of the problem they have been having and are reminded to make an appointment instead of waiting any longer.

2. Send customers your appreciation.


Sending a holiday card is a small gesture of appreciation but one that doesn’t go unnoticed. A small business often grows their business by creating relationships with customers, and the relationship leads to customer loyalty, which means ongoing business. Every one of your customers may not support your business consistently, but if they feel loyalty toward you, they will when they can. When they spend money with your business, they choose you over all of your competitors, which is something to appreciate.

3. Provide them with your contact information.


Sending a holiday card is a great passive way to ensure your previous customers didn’t lose your contact information, and it’s a little reminder of how to get hold of you. Just like reminding your customers that you are available, providing your contact information might be the little nudge they need to call even though they have been thinking about it for a while. This is particularly true if it’s a business they don’t need all of the time or it’s out of their way to get to. A kind holiday reminder of where you are is never wasted.

Generally speaking, people don’t send Christmas cards in the mail like they used to. This is an advantage to businesses because your card is more likely to be noticed if the person who receives it only received a small handful of cards that year. While it may be a lot of work, signing the cards or handwriting the envelopes will also be noticed. People notice when others take time out of their day to make them feel special.