Making improvements to your church is a great way to keep your congregation engaged and interested in the workings of the faith-based community you have carefully built in your area. Keeping parishioners coming back every week can be a challenging task, even for the most experienced clergy members of your church. But making upgrades and improvements to your church in order to energize the community is a great way to do it.

Thankfully, it is not too difficult to make people excited to come to hear the word of God, but you may have to get a little creative in order to maintain that interest over the long term.

Keep stained glass windows clean.


Stained glass windows are a staple of the church. They bring bible scenes to life, and give a greater depth of meaning to these tales of heroism and sacrifice for your church members. Keeping them clean and repairing any damage they may incur is an essential task of any church leadership body. These vibrant retellings of the Bible’s most important stories can be used to inspire the same moral decisions among your members. But if your stained glass is in disarray then members may actively avoid marveling at their beauty and internalizing the lessons they seek to impart.

Keep your wardrobe fresh and tidy.


Nothing smacks of laziness like a poorly kept wardrobe. Adding new clergy collar shirts, new cassocks in different colors, and a Roman collar to your lineup if that is the expected attire for your faith community are surefire ways to impress those looking for spiritual guidance. Our image is not the most important component of our being, but it represents something important for people who interact with us, so looking your best is something you should always strive for. This is especially true for new members who may have yet to form a strong opinion of you and the church itself. A good first impression is a must. You can find white-collar, robes, clerical shirts, and other garments online for affordable prices, so don’t hesitate to refresh your wardrobe.

Keep your storage spaces clean and safe.

New garage floor epoxy coats every few years on your storage and corridor spaces is a must for keeping the church grounds tidy and safe for your members. High-quality epoxy paint will keep a concrete floor safe from the damages or abrasions that can be caused by hot tires. Keeping storage space dry, clean, and organized is the best way to store church merchandise for use in fundraisers and community gatherings, it’s also essential for keeping your volunteers happy and healthy by stemming the threat of an accident.

Continue evolving the content and tone of your sermons.

In order to capture the attention and interest of your congregation, it’s important to continue growing in your content and delivery of sermons. Every week you have the opportunity to impart wisdom to the community and deliver guidance through the example of God’s word. Making sure that you do this immense task justice should be a priority. Take the time each week to continue reading, learn and internalize new delivery structures, and practice your speech with other members of the clergy or in the mirror before your largest gatherings for mass on Sundays.

Replace older hymnals and bibles with fresh copies.


Replacing older copies of your mass materials is a great way to make people feel at home in the church. Just like your own appearance, worn texts show a larger lack of care for the needs of the community – whether a fair assessment or not. It’s likely that old texts in the pews are simply an oversight, but finding and replacing worn Bibles and hymnal books is a great way to show your community that you are looking out for them, even with the little things.

Make these improvements to your church in order to continue inspiring your community to go out into the world with morality and