It might seem like companies everywhere are shutting down areas of their business and pulling back to reduce costs. Yet there are some tasks that you can be not just maintaining during COVID-19 but even polishing and upgrading. This doesn’t mean increased costs; on the contrary, you could save some money during these difficult economic times by investing some time now that business has slowed down. Looking into the digital side of the business and identifying where you’ve got dead weight and where you can tighten up processes will not only help you be more efficient now but also set you up well for when this is all past us.

Stay Focused on the End Goals

It can be hard to keep aims that were set before the pandemic in mind, with the world being turned upside down over the last few weeks and months. This doesn’t mean we should abandon them completely, however. Think about what you were building towards before. Do they still apply? Are they still achievable? You might need to tweak or rebuild them as suited, but goal setting is vital in order to track progression and stay motivated.

Objectives and key results (OKRs) are an excellent means of doing so. To make sure your OKRs are clear, well-defined, and easily trackable through key performance indicators (KPIs), it might be wise to use enterprise OKR software. Its advanced features will help you build a strategic plan that lays out your specific needs and aims clearly and keeps your whole team in the loop. Your progress, even in the face of COVID-19, will never have been clearer with an OKR tool.

Brush Up Your Digital Image

Your online business image has never been more important. Now it is all that the world can see of you and it’s important to make a good first impression. Go over your social media: are all of your logos, cover images, and taglines up to date and on-brand? If not, now is the time to make sure all your social media channels are in tip-top shape. You might even want to give a swish new brand makeover.

This project could even create a whole new OKR that you may not have had time for pre-pandemic. It is also important to stay in touch with your social media audience. Don’t be too sales-orientated, but let them know that you’re still there and are focused on customer satisfaction. Communicating online during a global crisis is both difficult and vital at the same time. Make sure you get the right balance and consider carefully what you put out online.

Stay in Contact

Your business call center may be experiencing more customer contact than ever before, with changes to supply chains, deliveries, and more affecting almost every industry. The companies that will do best out of this situation will be the ones who were there for their customers and clients in their time of need. This could mean you need extra support in customer service, requiring a virtual call center solution.

An excellent way of improving your customer experience quickly is by using virtual contact center software to assist in customer service. This means you will have a virtual call center packed with team members around the world working remotely from home. This can help your company be available to customers in real-time 24/7 and make sure there is always the right agent ready to assist them as needed.

Once you have a strong OKR tool and its advanced features to assist you in your strategic objectives and finding the right goals, you might find that the social media and customer support aspects will be easier to plan. Try and incorporate these three tips not as individual objectives, but as a cohesive plan to continue stimulating business growth. This pandemic is difficult for us all but there are ways to make sure your business keeps going strong and is well-maintained in the digital world.