Mobile kitchen restaurants, more commonly known as food trucks, are trendy in the U.S. A food truck is exactly as it sounds, a motor vehicle fitted with a kitchen. Food trucks are designed for parking in a high-foot traffic area where customers can walk up and place an order. There are several advantages to operating a mobile kitchen restaurant, including tax benefits, the freedom to choose your menu, vendors, and your crew, and the ability to set up at different locations.

Mobile kitchens are great marketing.


A food truck offers a lot of room for creativity and unique marketing tactics. A custom food truck serves as free marketing, and because you drive your truck from one location to the other, you can advertise to a lot of potential customers. Think of a mobile kitchen restaurant as a billboard on wheels, perfect for your logo, design, and menu.

The best way to dress up a vehicle and add your personality is to dress up your tires with mag wheels. Whether you say rim, mag, or wheel, mag wheels are a unique way to differentiate your food truck. Alien Media Pty Ltd has the largest range of mag wheels in various colors both online and in showrooms. With over 400 sizes, finishes, and styles to choose from, you can easily give your food truck a unique look that enhances your brand.

What are the characteristics of a mobile kitchen?


The size of your food truck determines where you can park and what type of events you can vend. Food trucks can be 10-26 feet long and seven feet wide and can vend on city streets, at fairs, block parties, and parks. The interior kitchen space size determines how many people can work and what supplies you can bring. You have to be creative with space-saving storage solutions, utilize more countertop cooking equipment, and work efficiently with a skeleton staff. The size of your kitchen also impacts the size and offerings of your menu, causing you to get creative with a theme or cuisine type.

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There’s a choice of payment options.


Food truck customers are accustomed to paying with cash, but credit and mobile payments are also popular options. There are a few popular methods for processing sales, each with different pricing. You can choose to make cash-only transactions and keep money in a lockable cash box. You’ll pay for a lock-box once, which means no ongoing costs. You won’t be able to track sales, food inventory, or process card payments.

You can choose to accept cash payments and use a mobile card processor. You’ll need a WiFi connection for the mobile processor, which charges swipe fees. You can choose to use a combination cash box – POS system – mobile processing setup. This will allow you to accept all forms of payments while tracking sales and inventory. This option does come with ongoing POS service fees, card processing, and mobile data fees.

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The concept of a mobile kitchen restaurant is fairly straightforward and allows room for plenty of creativity and personality.