Winter is fast approaching, and with the cold comes the winter holidays. Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, or you simply want an excuse to party, part of the fun is the decor. It can be overwhelming to choose what style you want to follow for the season, as there are near-endless options. Do you go traditional? Modern? Over-the-top Dr. Seuss inspired? Or do you prefer a shabby chic aesthetic? Here are some helpful hints and tricks to make your place fun, festive, and welcoming for all.

Setting the tone for your holiday decor begins with your outdoor display. You can go as big as a full inflatable Santa in the yard with a complete nativity scene, or as simple as a wreath on the front door. 

The professionals at MLM Home Improvement, an Alexandria roofing company, suggest taking a traditional approach by lining your home’s exterior from top to bottom with green and red christmas lights. To add some extra fun, create a show where the lights blink, whether in time to music or with alternating colors. There are timers that turn your displays on and off according to your settings, making this the least stressful of your holiday planning.

Once inside your home, you can go as intricate or laid-back as you want. Wreaths or signs with your favorite holiday sentiments can adorn your walls, and using white candles to cover your tables will make your home feel cozy and warm, no matter the size. 

If celebrating Hanukkah, focus on the traditional colors of blue and white. A Menorah is essential and should be prominently displayed. But for a fun modern twist, find one that stands out amongst the usual candelabra shape. Have your dreidels easily accessible for the children to play with, maybe out on a tray on a coffee table. 

For Kwanzaa, be sure to have black, red, and green prominently featured in your decorations, as well as the Nguzo Saba. The seven principles on which Kwanzaa is based should be listed in your home and observed during the seven days of the holiday. Don’t forget that even the smallest of decor choices can make a big impact. A pillow sham is one of the specific colors of your holiday or a decorative plate used in a centerpiece on a dining room table can be subtle nods to the family traditions and customs of your community.

For those who celebrate Christmas or pagan-inspired traditions, the primary decoration is the tree. There are nearly endless options for decorating it, with ornaments, lights, and other accessories for sale in every conceivable color or style. For a sophisticated take, stick with only one color. All white ornaments, lights, and garlands on a fresh evergreen tree will bring to mind a winter wonderland. If a tree is put up in your child’s’ room, make it memorable by using neon colors, or ornaments made to look like candy or musical instruments. The sports-obsessed can have some fun with ornaments of players from a favorite team, and a football, basketball, or even a golf ball as the topper. Those that choose to go with a more familial twist can spruce up their tree with homemade ornaments from their children, and garlands or a skirt passed down through the generations. 

Regardless of your beliefs, budget, or taste, it’s easy to find the perfect decor to match your holiday needs. Keeping in mind the basics such as lights, color schemes, and traditions, while putting your own spin on everything, you can build the setting for memories that you’ll look back on fondly for years.