Everyone uses the restroom regularly. It’s an important part of your home to have that space where you relieve yourself, stay clean, and get ready in the morning. Nevertheless, the master bathroom can seem like a merely functional space that you share with your partner. Nothing fancy or special about it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there are plenty of ways to turn your master bathroom from a space of necessity to a luxurious haven that you’ll never want to leave.

Elevating your master bathroom can help you create that luxurious spa feeling right in your own home. It can also overall improve the value of your property while being an area you can thoroughly enjoy. The most important thing is creating a functional space that is also an area for relaxation. The design of your master bathroom is entirely in your hands, and there are easy solutions for you to create that special space for you and your partner to fully enjoy and benefit from. Here are a few of those fixes and design elements that can take your master bathroom from boring and standard to the height of luxury.

1. Renovate your shower.

One of the main things you use your bathroom for is bathing. Whether you like to jump in the bathtub or you prefer a daily shower, you deserve a tub or shower space that’s free of mold or mildew and takes your bathroom to the next level. The main difference between boring, outdated, bathrooms and improved, lux spaces is the shower fixtures. Check out LuxBath for professional options for a shower renovation and bathroom design that will elevate your space. Look into better shower head designs, classy walls, and glass shower doors that are resistant to mildew buildup. It also doesn’t have to cost a fortune to replace your old shower system. Figure out a way to finance your repairs and replacement so you can get the highest quality product without breaking the bank. By renovating this area of your bathroom you are combining luxury with functionality to create a shower experience you and your partner will truly enjoy. This will make a big difference in creating that modern bathroom design.

2. Create vanity spaces.

Beyond showering, you also use your bathroom to get ready for your day or to get ready for bed. It can be frustrating, especially in the master bathroom, to try and get ready with very little counter or vanity space. If you are currently operating in a bathroom with just a sink and mirror, it may be time to upgrade to an actual vanity with an abundance of area to keep your products. Having that nice countertop area will help you lay out all those items you need to get ready for your day. From your skincare products or synthetic mink lashes and mascara to hair salon products and toothbrushes, you need an area dedicated to getting your proper care. How can you get the perfect lash line and red carpet look if you can barely access the countertop? Your bathroom design should include a vanity space for you and your partner to both enjoy so you can keep your accessories organized and be comfortable getting ready for your day.

3. Redo the tiles and fixtures.

Sometimes the best way to update a space is to focus on the details. As homeowners, you probably have an eye for these little fixtures and accessories. Your master bathroom can be updated simply by redoing the tiling or improving certain small fixtures. Replace the cabinet knobs, redo your shelving units, get a better showerhead, etc. You’ll also want to consider updating your tiling to be more modern and high-quality. These small improvements can create a new, dramatic look that will go a long way to creating that modern bathroom design you’re craving.