The Covid-19 pandemic has affected so many individuals and industries. One that was hit the hardest was the restaurant industry. When they were forced to close their doors to dine-in seating, these small businesses and large corporations had to look for flexible solutions to keep their business up and running. Luckily, different software programs were up for the task and are now offering unique programs to help businesses survive and thrive.

If you are a restaurant owner, you’ve probably had to change up a lot of your business plan lately. From switching to primarily delivery and online ordering to moving customer service mostly online, you’ve had to adjust and prepare for many different scenarios. Working through a pandemic is not something any entrepreneur could have planned for. But you don’t have to do it all on your own. There are plenty of great ways to adapt your operations to the current situation going on in the world. And who knows? You may even like some of the changes and keep them around even after the world opens back up. Here are just a few important software solutions to help you run a successful restaurant during the pandemic.

Online Ordering Systems

When dine-in became unavailable, curbside pickup, takeout, and delivery became the only way you could do business. Delivery orders are a great option, but they can also be difficult to keep track of. You to juggle online orders on your own website, GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and ChowNow. With so many different mobile apps and promotions, it can be easy for something to slip through the cracks.

You can streamline your restaurants online ordering system to one centralized tablet or mobile app with the help of Cuboh. This POS integration will help you handle all your online sales from all different online ordering platforms. Continue to turn a profit and run a successful business by handling all your online orders more efficiently and effectively.

Inventory Management

Restaurants need a lot of supplies on a weekly basis. Inventory is a huge part of your job as a restaurant manager. It can be hard to predict how much you need in real-time without ordering too many products. Especially when fewer people are dining in, inventory management software can make a difference for you meeting your bottom line. Use technology to ensure your business succeeds and don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Health-Tracking Software

As restaurants begin welcoming customers back, restaurant owners need to work hard to take care of the health and safety of their employees and guests. New health-tracking software can help you and your employees monitor any Covid-19 symptoms to try and lower the spread. Simple steps like temperature checks and health screening surveys can give you and your customers that peace of mind that everyone in your venue has been checked and cleared for work.

Marketing Strategies

Everyone is living through unprecedented times which means your former methods of marketing and communication may no longer be appropriate. Use software to connect to your customers in new ways. Create interactive activities on your Facebook page or other social media. Encourage mobile ordering with specific discounts during that payment process. Or find ways to get your small restaurant on the map without as much face-time with guests. Adaptability will help you continue turning a profit even during these weird times.

Customer Data Analysis

Many people have different reactions and comfort levels regarding the current pandemic. Use software to track customer data and learn what changes need to be made long-term. Maybe you’ve engaged a whole new target market with online ordering that you can continue targeting even when your restaurant reopens at 100%. Looking for opportunities is the best way to find success during Covid-19.