A new year is upon us. What better time to give your home and self a lift? With an unconventional year behind us, we’ve all spent plenty of time in our homes and even looking at ourselves. As we enter a new year, it’s a great time to consider revamping our look and our home’s appearance too. For ideas on how you can breathe some fresh air into your surroundings and yourself, read on.

Give your space a lift.


Give your kitchen and other common areas in the house a lift with some simple cosmetic changes. There are many reasons why you should do a full kitchen backsplash rehab to ring in the new year. For starters, changing our environments helps us feel better. After so much time at home, we all could use a chance of scenery. Picture yourself enjoying your morning coffee in a redone room. Spend free time browsing through Pinterest or other social media and blogs that give you a hint of an idea of a style that matches you.

Don’t stop at the kitchen. A fresh coat of paint in the bedroom or a bright new area rug for the living room could provide the splashes of color that help make things feel new. Consider furniture, focus walls, focal points, and even themed rooms.

Match your home’s style.


With your home in tip-top shape, you’ll be more inspired to work on yourself. From women jackets that show off your curves to a snazzy new pair of work shoes, take a look at your wardrobe. If you just redid your bedroom, make sure you go back to hit the closets too. By taking inventory of what you already own, you’ll be in a better spot to know what you need for a clothing makeover.

Shutdowns and quarantine have made shopping and the social scene more difficult than usual. If you’re asking why you’d bother redoing anything, your answer is in the question. That is, many people are suffering from forms of depression. Because of the unconventional year that’s left many feeling disconnected, some people are feeling pretty hopeless. Nothing will make you feel better than picking yourself and your home up. Pandemics don’t last forever.

If you haven’t worn make-up in months, now’s the time to pull out that palette. Practicing with new styles or looks is a great way to reinvent yourself. With more free time and no worries about anyone seeing a bad brow job, you can afford the time to experiment on yourself. Play with hair dye, accessories and even wild nail polish.

Live healthy.


Being stuck inside means things get dirty fast, and winter months could also lead to dirty air. While working on your self care and bringing your home back to life, you want to think about air quality, ventilation, and whether or not your living environment is as healthy as the new you deserves. Check out DirectAC or other AC maintenance companies for duct cleanings and overall household air purifications. Remember, breathing clear air is crucial to your physical wellbeing.

Never look back.


The same way 2020 will be over soon, old habits can be gone too. Now’s the time to create the best new you possible. A good attitude, an open mind, creative touches and making your style reflect your best self will all add up into a more positive attitude. The truth is that no matter how blue you’ve been feeling, your home and you deserve a revamp. You can create the reality that you want to live in. Here’s to a new year and amazing things ahead.