Whether you’re a buyer, investor, or someone who loves adventure, you may have noticed the growing trend toward unique vacations and accommodations. These days, vacation homes look different than in years past. Whether rented out or lived in during vacations by homeowners, real estate agents are busy these days with some pretty creative vacation home options, for buyers and sellers alike. If you’re interested in buying a vacation home, renting one out, or simply curious about the latest in vacation travel and destinations, read on.

Alternative Housing


Not all vacation homes are made the same and nothing says escape like living in a place entirely different than your day-to-day home. Different than in years past, both homeowners and realtors are getting more and more creative with rental accommodations. In Hawaii and Oregon, for example, second homes can range from cozy bungalows, to off the grid but rustic and functional yurts. Prospective buyers, tenants, and homeowners alike are enjoying the creativity that comes with an alternative lifestyle. While these unique accommodations still have all the comforts of any modern and more traditional vacation homes, their unique style makes them have more of a vacation feel. At the same time, you can call Honolulu appliance repair when things go wrong; giving those who live in alternative homes the best of both worlds.

Destination Packages


Some vacation homes are being tied to creative destination packages. This trend is giving vacationers the option to use their property as time-shares, and at the same time be organically marketed. If putting your second home up for sale and selling your home without an agent seems daunting, this might be the perfect way to hang onto your property with reliable passive income.

Functional vacations like destination weddings and corporate events often need more space. For a family looking to celebrate a wedding, for example, bigger vacation homes can seem more attractive than typical hotel accommodations. More personal than a banquet hall facility, many travelers are looking to stay in these types of places for intimate weddings and retreats.

Time Shares


Another trend in the vacation home market is private time-shares, where groups of family or friends work together to rotate properties for vacationing in. These simple arrangements are allowing members to explore the world without paying for more than their second homes. Better yet, in arrangements like this, there are fewer rules. While traditional timeshares may mean restrictions about hanging plants indoors instead of out, these private arrangements are a great idea for people who would rather have more control.



Another big trend is that people are renting their homes out privately through Airbnb and similar platforms and apps. This is giving homeowners, renters, and short term tenants more options. If you’re a homeowner who lives in a popular vacation destination place, you might even want to consider renting out your home or building a spot for tenants in your backyard oasis. An excellent choice for a second stream of income, this option is becoming more and more popular with real estate transactions.

No matter what you think of alternative living and spaces, the great news is that current real estate vacation home trends are giving buyers, renters, and homeowners alike more options. Whether renting out your second home as an Airbnb off-season or looking to stay in a more unique destination package housing situation, there’s something for everyone. So before you plan your next vacation, consider investing in a vacation property, or even hit the airports for travel and do some research on your options. You never know, these new trends might be enough to make you want to change plans or stay permanently in your vacation space.